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  • Painless treatment
  • The entire body is kept constantly in motion while the effects of gravity are eliminated
  • Continuous active and passive motion (CAPM)©
  • All four limbs are kinematically linked together
  • Arms, legs, back, pelvis, shoulders and head are guided
  • Flat back with legs up, no weight on the vertebrae
  • Limbs and back are alternately stretched and rotated
  • Harmonious movement in a dynamic equilibrium
  • Can be used by anyone easily and without fatigue

    The user lies on his back. The motions of his arms, legs and torso are guided and coordinated. His whole body is kept in a dynamic equilibrium depending on his muscular strength as well as on the weight of his limbs and torso. As a result of lying horizontally the user’s weight is supported, which immediately results in a relief of tension. The bent position of the legs allows the flat support of the back without stress or lordosis. The tendons, ligaments, muscles and vertebrae are relieved of tension.




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